Modeling and Simulation Tools

Lone Pine Hypothetical Model in Scribe3D.

Reimagining security through visualization

A leader in global security for more than 75 years, Sandia National Laboratories offers modeling and simulation (mod/sim) tools that help improve physical security through innovative physical protection system design assessment, operation, and training.

Scenario-Based Visualizations
  • Next-generation qualitative analysis tool.
  • Conduct engaging and responsive tabletop exercises.
  • Create your own or use pre-developed hypothetical facility models to test physical protection systems and protective force response and engagements.
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Pathway Analysis
  • Visually intuitive quantitative analysis tool.
  • Shows a 2D, multi-floor view of facility.
  • Enables simple or complex path analyses involving multiple targets, threats, and response.
  • Provides results using science-based, established algorithms from verified tools.
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CAS Simulator
Operator Training
  • User experience mimics the actual Central Alarm Station environment, software, and scenarios.
  • Delivers science-based data.
  • Engages CAS Operators, Trainers, Regulators, and Management to increase security awareness and facilitate more useful procedures.
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Trusted Tools for System Evaluation

Already in use at U.S. and international government, military, industry, and university facilities, Scribe3D, PathTrace, and CAS Simulator integrate multidisciplinary expertise to advance the science of physical protection system evaluation.

  • Science based: Developed by Sandia National Laboratories, a global nuclear and radiological security leader for more than 75 years.
  • Results oriented: As part of the evaluation and assessment process, these tools provide actionable feedback to improve facility physical protection systems.
  • User friendly: Simple mod/sim tools can help you create a model of your facility and start basic analysis without any advanced training.
  • Cost effective: Licensing, training, and support are provided at no cost to approved international and domestic partners.  
  • Secure: Standalone software packages that do not require any Internet connectivity ensure security details are protected.

Free to Approved Partners

Licensing, training, and technical support are free to approved partners. Start the process to access these tools by requesting a license.