CAS Simulator

Image of CAS Operator viewing training screens.

A New Approach to Operator Training

CAS Simulator

Secure facilities require Central Alarm Station (CAS) Operators that can simultaneously monitor multiple sensors and alarms, maintain communication with response forces, and ensure staff and material safety—plus serve as the facility’s eyes and ears during an emergency or attack. But developing training for this complex and fast-paced position is a challenge.

Sandia National Laboratories developed the CAS Simulator, a combination software/hardware platform, to integrate with almost any security monitoring technology to display simulated scenarios just as if the event was actually happening at that facility.

CAS Simulator Eliminates Training Challenges

  • Realistic: Train using an exact replica of your facility’s security technologies and environment.
  • Customized Scenarios: Uses science-based data to address common and uncommon threats.
  • Results Oriented: Provides trainers with real-time understanding of CAS Operator effectiveness.
  • Cost Effective: Costs less than tabletop exercises or force-on-force exercises.
  • Secure: Enables training without affecting ongoing facility security.
  • Increases Awareness: Engages CAS Operators, Trainers, Regulators, and Facility Management to increase security.

How CAS Simulator Works

  1. Develop a scenario. Use Sandia’s free to license Scribe3D software or footage from your facility to produce customized training scenarios.
  2. Stream data to network. Your video and alarms are streamed to a stand-alone CAS Simulator local area network. No internet connection required.
  3. Connect with controller. The CAS Simulator uses your facility’s controller to stream directly to your video management server and CAS, SA, or classroom environment.
  4. Train on CAS screens. Actions and responses occur on a realistic timeline, enabling a full CAS experience for training, evaluation, analysis, and procedural development.

CAS Simulator Scenario Library

Use CAS Simulator’s common training scenarios, including Full Vault Attack, Unauthorized Repairs, Vault Exit, Protestors, Communications Loss, or Cyber Attack. More scenarios are being developed regularly.

On-Site Training

Expert instructors are available to walk CAS Operators through scenarios and lead training discussions.