Mod/Sim Use Cases

Scribe3D and PathTrace has proven their effectiveness at nuclear and radiological facilities in 28 countries worldwide. The following are just a few examples of real-world mod/sim success stories.

Mod/Sim effort leads to design changes

Panoramic Irradiator hypothetical model
  • Used Scribe3D to model facility with redesigned layout that optimized security by modifying detection, delay and response values.
  • Provided information on security concepts and advanced technology options that could reduce security costs without reducing security effectiveness.
  • Resulted in analysis of key design changes to the facility layout and the physical security system.

Mod/Sim helps justify physical security upgrades

  • Used Scribe3D and PathTrace to rapidly prototype a critical infrastructure facility.
  • Provided analysis and documentation demonstrating the impacts of proposed upgrades including video playback of testing scenarios.
  • Provided data-driven documentation to support approval of upgrades.

Recording Mod/Sim tabletops as training videos

  • Created custom scenarios to mimic real-world threats.
  • Held tabletop exercises with operational staff and emergency responders.
  • Recorded real-time responses for discussion and review at any time.
  • Resulted in informed procedural changes to strengthen response and increase security.

IAEA/DOE flagship training includes Mod/Sim

  • Every 18 months, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the National Nuclear Security Administration cohost the International Training Course on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material and Nuclear Facilities at Sandia National Laboratories.
  • Participants from more than 50 countries have used Scribe3D to develop and implement science-based tabletop exercises.